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I had the utmost pleasure of meeting with Mamie, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s mother Judy back in March.  If there was ever a more agreeable and laid back bride I doubt I will ever meet her!  Mamie and Jeremy are so super sweet and Judy’s take-charge attitude was terrific.  In fact, the wedding cake had already been designed by the time they met with me.  Ms. Judy had drawn it out perfectly so the only thing I had to do was to bring that cake to life.

Lovely cake topper from Advantage Bridal

Mamie and Jeremy’s wedding and reception took place at Adams United Methodist Church in Adams, TN and it was perfect.  The inside of the church was covered with white and ivory flowers with green accents.  It truly looked like something from a dream.  If I were ever to marry my husband again, that’s exactly the way I would want it.  The flowers, the details, the cake and all.

Mamie and Jeremy needed a very large cake for their reception.  They decided on a five tier round heavenly confection of Strawberry cake, Carrot cake with cheesecake filling and French vanilla cake, all covered with gorgeous ivory vanilla buttercream.  The cake was to be wrapped with ivory fondant ribbons and adorned with rhinestone buckles purchased by the groom’s mother. 

The rhinestone buckles were used throughout the reception hall and it was really beautiful.  I have never seen such an elegant display of crystal mixed with silver on the food tables.  It was absolutely stunning.  There were yards and yards of rhinestone ribbon accenting the tables and also wrapping the flowers.  Ms. Judy even had the ribbon ready for me to wrap my cake board as well.  There was no detail untouched.

Lovely detail of buckles and the rhinestone ribbon wrapping the board

I had such a great time setting the cake up for the reception.  Not only was one of my favorite photographers, Bethany of Bethany Ann Photography, there to capture the moments, but the family members were just lovely.  This seems a fitting moment to mention that ALL photographs used in this blog are the property of Bethany Ann Photography who gave me permission to post as many as I want…she did not give that same permission to you.  I had so much help carrying and being at my beck and call I didn’t know how to handle it!  Jeremy’s dad was a delight, checking in with me every so often just to see if I was doing okay.  Ms. Judy didn’t want to watch and wanted everyone out.  I think it made her nervous to watch me put that big cake together and she wanted me to stop talking with grandpa concentrate. :) 

Putting final touches on Mamie and Jeremy's cake

Grandpa was a delight as well.  He told me stories of making a ginormous fake cake back in his Army days and said he could help me put the wedding cake together.  I took a raincheck but told him he was more than welcome to talk to me while I did.  Both of my grandfathers have been gone for years and I miss the fact that I’m not around anyone to tell me old stories.  I could have talked with him all day.  When I was finished he gave me a wink and told me that I’d outdone myself.  I could have kissed his cheek right there.  I may be a professional, but it’s always so nice to have such validation.

Mamie and Jeremy's wedding cake

I know getting all of the details together for such a beautiful reception is a stressful feat but I certainly hope the entire family was able to kick back and enjoy it and has had time to relax and think about how truly magnificent it was.  You all deserve validation as well.  I’m sure there were several that helped but Ms. Judy, but her vision of perfection shone through tenfold.  I have seen hundreds of reception sites but to transform a church reception area into a work of art is an amazing feat.  You truly outdid yourself.

Mamie and Jeremy cutting the cake

Mamie and Jeremy, may your love always grow and never lose the sparkle that shined like a halo on your wedding day.



I know I always say I keep my wedding posts to one per day but I loved elements of Julie and Mike’s wedding so much I had to include it in a little blog about their wedding!  I met Mike and Julie back in January and booked them immediately.  They both really loved my Chocolate Chip cake!

Julie and Matt chose to pay in full on the spot, which is not a problem at all.  I always still give the option to make changes to the contract until two weeks prior to the wedding date.  As the time grew closer, the couple had decided the wedding would not be as large as they had originally planned and they wanted to scale it back a little.

I gave them the option of either a refund on what they didn’t need, or adding wedding favors for the guests.  They decided on the latter and since Mike’s cake was to be the Green Lantern’s lantern, they opted for white chocolate covered oreos with the green lantern symbol piped on with green chocolate.  I absolutely loved the idea-how fun!

Mike met me a few days prior to the wedding to pick up the favors so they could box and beribbon them.  I normally do that as well, but we were even on money by that point so the couple chose to do it themselves.

Julie and Mike's Green Lantern wedding favors

Once again, Lapis was the color of the wedding with hydrangeas as an accent flower.  Julie had found a design she loved previously with crisscrossing ribbons in her color on a round cake and I made coordinating gumpaste hydrangea to accent.  Julie and Mike ended up with a sweet little two-tiered cake that made a nice big statement.  I think their cake was really pretty and even though I’ve done several lapis weddings recently, I am still not tired of the color. 

Julie and Mike's wedding cake

Mike’s cake, as I mentioned, was to be the Green Lantern itself.  It was a delicious Chocolate Chip cake covered with Vanilla buttercream and covered with vanilla fondant.  I made gumpaste accent pieces so they could dry and be applied with green royal icing and I inserted actual tiny LED lights to make the lantern shine throughout their reception.

The Green Lantern for Mike

Mike and Julie’s reception was held at Cellar One in Nashville, a terrific wedding venue and part of Nashville Event Spaces.  It’s a really cool and chic kind of place with plenty of room for a larger or small reception. 

The day of the wedding was also Beer Fest downtown, which completely closed off first and second avenues to cars.  That also meant that if I couldn’t pursuade a police officer to let me through, I was going to be carrying cakes for at least two blocks, through crowds of people, down the stairs, and making at least three trips.  Thank goodness the officers were SUPER nice guys!  I pulled up right to the doors and only carried cakes about 5 yards.  WOOHOO!

Julie and Mike, may your lights for one another shine bright forever. 

Once again Carly Rager of Carly Rager Events and Coordinating introduced me to a terrific bride.  Quita and I met nearly a year ago to get her wedding planning in motion.  Quita had lots of ideas about her cake, but she was basically picking colors that she liked and wasn’t quite sure what design she wanted.

Quita was certain of her flavors though.  She loved my Red Velvet cake with Cheesecake filling, Lemon cake with Lemon Curd filling and French Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.  There was not a question what flavors would make up her four tiers of cake.

Quita and I locked in her wedding date but tossed ideas around a lot until about 6 weeks prior to her wedding.  She had found a photo she loved but wanted to know how it would look in her colors, so once again I broke out the CAD program and mocked it up for her.  She ultimately decided on a mixed tier cake with three square tiers and a top round tier. 

Quita and Seth's mock design

She wanted her colors of sage and lapis showcased on the cake so I wrapped the tiers with sage fondant ribbons and made fondant and gumpaste callas, roses, and hydrangea in the lapis and lighter purple colors, with a few tiny white hydrangea for accent. 

Quita and Seth's gumpaste flower topper

Quita wanted three of the tiers to be plain and one quilted so we made the quilted tier covered with sage buttercream to really make it stand out.  I also made their monogram in the sage color and accented with white and lapis to make it pop.

Details on Quita and Seth's cake including the monogram and more flowers

Quita had visited the Cumberland Room a few weeks prior to see how it was set up during another wedding.  I was putting the wedding cake on a glass stand with legs made of water vases, filled with colored water beads and submersible mini LED lights.  She loved the stand and decided to incorporate it into her cake as well.  We filled her jars with purple and clear water beads with the lights and it really looked spectacular.


Quita and Seth's wedding cake with glass stand

Quita and Seth, may your days be filled with hope and your nights with love.

I had the utmost pleasure in meeting Angela at the Here Come the Brides bridal show in March at the Factory at Franklin.  She was looking for ideas for her upcoming wedding with her friend who was searching for vendors for her daughter Caitlin’s wedding.  I booked both of the weddings shortly after the show and have been thankful to meet such fantastic people ever since. 

Angela has an incredible story of faith and friendship that brought Joey to her through church, as she had been widowed several years before.  I will keep Angela’s story private of course, but will share that I cried during our consultation.  She is a true testament of how the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Angela loved Caitlin’s cake that was made with swirled cheesecake buttercream and wanted something similar but different.  I think we succeeded in doing just that.  Angela wanted an initial as her cake topper but didn’t want anything blingy that she was finding online.  I assured her that I would make one out of gumpaste that would be perfect.

Angela’s cake was to be ivory with fondant anemones with charcoal centers accenting sparsely.  I loved the way it looked, but the ivory topper I made seemed to get lost so I changed gears on the morning of the wedding and made a classy topper with a black “M” on an ivory background.  I think it was absolutely perfect.


Details of the anemones for Angela and Joey's cake


Angela and Joey’s cake was tiers of Chocolate cake and Pink Champagne cake, all covered with Cheesecake icing.  Angela had fallen in love with the Pink Champagne flavor at the bridal show and knew it was exactly what she wanted for something different at her reception.

Angela and Joey’s reception was held at the Wine Loft in the Gulch.  This was my first time at the venue and it was absolutely spectacular.  I can’t wait to go back with my girlfriends and hubby.  It is classy and comfortable with oversized modern furniture and a gorgeous loft.  It’s one of those places you walk in and feel happy to be there.  I could see why they chose such a perfect location.

Angela and Joey's wedding cake

Angela, thank you for sharing your story with me and for choosing me to make yours and Joey’s day a little sweeter.  May you always keep your faith in one another and knowledge that everything happens for a reason. 


I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole and her family nearly a year before her wedding ceremony.  She was living in Indiana at the time and going to school for midwifery.  Nicole’s family is very hands on and a terrific bunch to bring along for a consultation.  Nicole’s sister, niece, and mom all helped in the cake decisions.

Nicole really liked the idea of a mixed tier cake and originally the cake was to feed about 150 people.  When planning ahead, sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’ll have that many at the wedding and reception or not, especially when families are scattered across the country.

Josh is a huge Florida Gators fan and had his heart set on The Swamp for his cake.  As time grew near and the couple was calculating finances and RSVPs, they decided to make the bride’s cake much smaller and forego the Swamp for Albert E Gator, the official team mascot.

Albert E Gator, Florida's mascot for Josh, courtesy of Allan Williams Photography

I give my brides until 2 weeks prior to the wedding to make any changes in flavors, design, size, etc.  After that time the cake will be paid for in full and no changes will be made.  We completely changed Nicole’s first plan and decided to go with a three tier round cake in ivory with piping to accent that on the bodice of her dress and veil. 

Nicole and Josh wedding cake with piping to match Nicole's dress, courtesy of Allan Williams Photography

Nicole and Josh chose Chocolate with Strawberry filling for the groom’s cake and Red Velvet with Cheesecake filling and traditional Vanilla for the bride’s cake.  The cakes were all covered with Vanilla Buttercream.  The bride’s cake was accented with gold and orange fondant Gerbera daisies and deep red gumpaste roses.

Nicole's topper and flowers courtesy of Allan Williams Photography

Nicole’s cake table could not have possibly been more spectacular.  She had incorporated photos and toppers from family weddings that were absolutely beautiful.  Her sister, parents, and grandparents were showcased as well as Josh’s.  That was such an incredibly beautiful and moving tribute to the family.  I had the pleasure of setting up the cake while a few of the family members were talking about the couples in the old photos.  I was really touched to hear all of the stories.

The cake table with photos of happily married family members from the past, courtesy of Allan Williams Photography

Nicole and Josh held their ceremony and reception at The Pick Inn in Gallatin.  I absolutely love that venue for an outdoor ceremony and reception.  They have made a few changes since I was there last and I was so excited to see what was new.  There is a nice kitchen area attached to the reception area and there are also heavy roll down shades in case of rain.  Nicole and Josh didn’t have to worry about that.  Their day could not have been more perfect.

The incredible Allan and Susan Williams of Allan Williams Photography took amazing photos of the day, as they always do, and I am fortunate enough to have already received copies of their cake photos.  Now, I take photos of every cake I set up but there is something about an amazing photographer’s photos that mine cannot hold a candle to.  I fell in love with Allan’s work a year ago and have only come across a few others who can shoot my cakes the way he does.  His photos tell a story and his eye always seems more personal.  I highly recommend him if you haven’t found your photographer yet!  Because I met with Nicole so long ago, I had truly forgotten that I gave her Allan’s name and was so pleasantly surprised to see that he was shooting the wedding.  You can find beautiful photos of the happy couple on Allan’s blog.

Nicole told me after the wedding that Josh ate a piece of cake the size of a plate before their honeymoon because according to him, he wouldn’t have another chance.  I’m always happy to hear that the grooms love my cake too!

Nicole and Josh, thank you for allowing me be a sweet part of your special day! 


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