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WOW it’s been a great Christmas season!  The blessings are raining down at Covered with Icing and I am thrilled to share a few with you.  Let me start by saying it’s not every day that a decorator is able to see the awesome power of love working magically throughout a wedding ceremony.  It’s also a rare treat to hear a bride and groom sing to one another through their smiles and tears and it’s almost unheard of to watch Vince Gill choke up while singing to the happy couple, along with the bride’s amazingly talented brother and sister.  To witness all of these incredible events in a single wedding was something that wedding dreams are made of, yet on December 20th, 2009, my incredibly handsome husband and I were a part of that wedding dream. 

I had the utmost pleasure of meeting the lovely and talented Sonya Isaacs and her handsome and also incredibly talented fiance, Jimmy Yeary, a few months ago after being introduced by Sonya’s sister-in-law Mindy.  They were in the process of planning a December wedding and Sonya’s vision was to make everything feel like Christmas, even the cake.  I was comfortable with the couple right from the start when Sonya invited me to her home for the consultation and made coffee when I arrived.  

Sonya had mentioned that she wanted a cake covered with snowflakes so I made several to place on their samples with different types of edible glitter.  She adored the snowflakes covered with disco dust that seemed to shimmer at every angle.  Sonya and Jimmy went back and forth on different icings and cake flavors and decided they were both happy with Sour Cream Almond and Red Velvet with Cheesecake Swiss Meringue buttercream.   By the time I left, hugs were heartfelt and Jason and I had been invited to stay for the upcoming wedding and reception. 

Sonya Isaacs and Heather Noble 

Sonya had found a picture of a sleigh cake stand online that she really loved.  I told her that finding something similar should not be a problem-I was wrong.  I first looked in hobby stores, home goods markets, and scoured the internet.  I found a company that made them but rental was extremely high and I didn’t think it was necessary.  I emailed several metal works companies in Nashville who either didn’t respond at all or said they could not do it.  I had almost decided to go for Plan B when a former bride and friend of mine mentioned in a COMPLETELY unrelated conversation that her dad had retired and was tinkering with metal works in his garage.  It’s funny when a plan comes together so beautifully. 

Not only did Mr. Joe Fertitta say he could do it, but he added snowflakes to the sleigh that gave me goosebumps.  He is so talented and such a great guy I was thrilled to work with him for a third time but in such a different way!  (This time I paid HIM!!  LOL)  Joe had the stand ready in a matter of a few days and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.  I told him maybe the next stand would be a princess carriage so future brides, let’s start planning!  

Sonya and Jimmy had chosen a remote wedding venue in Lebanon but plans fell through as sometimes happens when planning a wedding.  They were able to book the historic Hermitage Hotel for the wedding and reception and I must say that it was a perfect backdrop for the range of equally historic musical guests included in their special day.  The Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville is breathtaking with its unique Beaux-arts style architecture, Persian rugs and overstuffed furniture in the lobby and especially breathtaking at Christmas as the giant Christmas tree, bright red packages and greenery add to the rich colors already displayed. 

The Historic Hermitage Hotel lobby decked out for Christmas 

The guests arrived in a steady stream of Christmas hues and greeted one another warmly waiting for the ceremony to begin.  As the guests were seated, six candle girls (rather than flower girls) sang Silent Night prior to Sonya’s entrance.  That was a sight to behold and they sounded like angels!  A little bird told me that the backup track was made of just 2 of the girls.  Cameron and Kyra, your parents are SO proud!  

I learned in a movie to look at the groom while the bride is walking down the aisle.  While it was a horribly cheesy and predictable chick flick, I must say I still love it and watching the groom is now my favorite part of the wedding.  It’s amazing to see the love in his eyes as they shine on his bride.  It was difficult to look away from Sonya as she was so incredibly lovely but Jimmy’s gaze on her was equally mesmerizing.  One thing that I noticed not only before the ceremony but after as well, the couple wanted everyone to know how important they were and how blessed they felt to have so many friends present.  Sonya looked at every guest as she walked down the aisle and the couple looked at every guest and touched each person on the center of the aisle on the way out.  It’s the little things that make a huge impact! 

Sonya and her father Joe Isaacs 

There were three musical breaks in the ceremony.  The first was Vince Gill singing The Rock of Your Love with Ben Isaacs and Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sonya’s brother and sister and two of the four members of The Isaacs.  As Vince was singing, his voice cracked as he was incredibly touched by the happy couple and I’m certain that 200+ guests choked up at the same time.  Jimmy and Sonya sang a tune they had just completed called Feels Like Christmas to one another as soon as they finished their vows.  It was an honor to witness the first time that song was sung before an audience and I’m looking forward to the release on an album in the future.  The Gaither Vocal Band’s I Then Shall Live was played during the lighting of the Unity Candle and the Kneeling Bench. 

The ceremony was packed with love from family and friends who then gathered for hot cider and cookies as Austin from Last Minute Planners and her staff transformed the room into the reception area.  It was a very informal reception with the bride and groom’s favorite passed hors d’ouvres, fruited sweet tea and cake.  A close friend of the family made the Groom’s cake covered with chocolate guitars and a tiny couple on top.  Ms. Peggy should be proud of her work! 

The Bride’s cake was a tower of alternating tiers of Red Velvet and Sour Cream Almond.  The ivory Swiss Meringue looked beautiful as a backdrop to the dozens of ivory and white snowflakes shimmering in the light, set off by glorious sugared cranberries.  Sonya had mentioned how she  loved berries and thought it would set off the cake, but decided maybe red fondant ribbons would work.  I surprised her with the gorgeous sugared berries that were as delicious as they were beautiful.  The tart pop of the cranberry was a delicious end to a sweet piece of cake. 

Sonya and Jimmy's wedding cake 

I must give kudos to Mr. Paul Wharton who took hundreds of photos throughout the day, to Baughman Media Works for the Videographers and DJ, to Oshi’s International Florist for the beautiful winter arrangements and to Joanne Camcam and the incredibly hospitable, courteous, and professional staff at the Hermitage Hotel. 

Sonya and Jimmy steal a minute before cutting the cake. 

Sonya and Jimmy, thank you so much for allowing Covered with Icing to be the sweetest part of your special day.  It was a very moving experience for Jason and I.  We will never forget the love and friendship that was extended to us so effortlessly through you. 

Sonya and Jimmy cut the cake-mmmm Red Velvet! 

May every day Feel Like Christmas as long as you both shall live!

There have been 4 comments made to “Sonya and Jimmy 12-20-09”

  1. Laura Grater commented on
    December 30th, 2009 at 9:00 AM:

    A wedding full of dreams come true.. how honored to have been included. I can’t imagine any better way to end a successful year for Covered with Icing. Looking forward to an encore in 2010..

  2. Lisa Fertitta Cunningham commented on
    December 30th, 2009 at 4:33 PM:

    This wedding looks beautiful. I can only imagine what it must have been like to hear those candle girls sing. Heather, your cake (Sonya’s cake) is incredible and I know that it tasted the same. I will have to say that my dad is pretty darn cool and talented, even if I do say so myself. You should see what he made us for Christmas:) I know Sonya and Jimmy were thrilled to have you be a part of their day just as I was on mine. I hope you and Jason have a great 2010.

  3. Issac Maez commented on
    January 13th, 2010 at 6:16 PM:

    I was searching for photography when I found your site. Great post. Thank You.

  4. Skylar Hagler commented on
    February 12th, 2010 at 8:13 PM:

    Congratts on yalls new life. I went to Marshall Tx and saw the Isaacs on January 30,2010. It was the best concert . Jimmy and Sonya can sing good together. I love yalls pics. Your cake is beautiful. Just wanted to say Congratts to both of you!!!

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