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I have some incredible friends in the biz, especially a tight-knit group in Clarksville.  My friend Beth, owner of Clarksville and Bowling Green has one of the sweetest daughters you will ever meet.  Danielle is very vibrant and charismatic, and is not the owner of Turning Point Productions and Clarksville Linen Rental, but is also a wife to a really fun guy and mommy to an adorable little boy.  Dani is pregnant with another boy and insisted she did not want a shower because she already had everything so her friends decided to throw her a surprise “Mommy Shower”. 

Dani seeing her friends at her surprise shower

A Mommy Shower is all about making sure the mommy is taken care of with all of her favorite things before and after the baby is born.  She received sweats and jammie pants, books, lotions, spa certificates, candles, and cake!  Dani will definitely reap the benefit for awhile and she deserves it!

Dani and Blaire smelling some good smelling soap

Dani’s surprise shower was planned by two of her besties, Bethany of Bethany Ann Photography and Blaire, a former bride of mine.  Dani is so lucky to have such great friends.  They are super sweet and always up for anything.  There were so many terrific ladies at Dani’s shower and it was a really fun evening of laughs and hugs.

Bethany, Dani and Blaire enjoying cupcake time

Blaire and I are huge fans of Cake Wrecks and she thought it would be hilarious to put the Naked Baby Mohawk Carrot Jockeys on Dani’s carrot cake.  Let me tell you, those babies aren’t easily found!  I went to four different places and finally settled on non-mohawked little babies and a topper that I forced to ride the carrot.  There were WAY too many comments about how the carrot jockey was obviously because she was having a boy.  Oh my.

Baby shower cake with naked baby carrot jockeys

Blaire brought her own copy of Cake Wrecks along so those unfamiliar with the site could see that the cake was obviously a remake and not something I typically do for showers.  I wouldn’t want those who didn’t know my work to think I really made that up!

Dani, Joanie of Joan of Art Photography and Beth

I am so fortunate to be in a great business surrounded by such incredible and talented friends.  OH, and before I forget, all photos are property of Bethany Ann Photography!

Dani's over the shoulder model pose in the parking lot with her cupcake

Dani, my wish for you is a fast and easy delivery of that new bouncing boy!

There have been 2 comments made to “Dani’s Mommy Shower”

  1. Bethany Ann commented on
    October 12th, 2011 at 9:00 PM:

    Love Love Love this post!! That was such a fun night, wasn’t it?! So glad you were there and the cake was fabulous and yummy as always! :)

  2. Heather commented on
    October 13th, 2011 at 7:18 AM:

    It was a terrific night! Thanks for taking the time to post!

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