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I had the utmost pleasure of meeting with Mamie, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s mother Judy back in March.  If there was ever a more agreeable and laid back bride I doubt I will ever meet her!  Mamie and Jeremy are so super sweet and Judy’s take-charge attitude was terrific.  In fact, the wedding cake had already been designed by the time they met with me.  Ms. Judy had drawn it out perfectly so the only thing I had to do was to bring that cake to life.

Lovely cake topper from Advantage Bridal

Mamie and Jeremy’s wedding and reception took place at Adams United Methodist Church in Adams, TN and it was perfect.  The inside of the church was covered with white and ivory flowers with green accents.  It truly looked like something from a dream.  If I were ever to marry my husband again, that’s exactly the way I would want it.  The flowers, the details, the cake and all.

Mamie and Jeremy needed a very large cake for their reception.  They decided on a five tier round heavenly confection of Strawberry cake, Carrot cake with cheesecake filling and French vanilla cake, all covered with gorgeous ivory vanilla buttercream.  The cake was to be wrapped with ivory fondant ribbons and adorned with rhinestone buckles purchased by the groom’s mother. 

The rhinestone buckles were used throughout the reception hall and it was really beautiful.  I have never seen such an elegant display of crystal mixed with silver on the food tables.  It was absolutely stunning.  There were yards and yards of rhinestone ribbon accenting the tables and also wrapping the flowers.  Ms. Judy even had the ribbon ready for me to wrap my cake board as well.  There was no detail untouched.

Lovely detail of buckles and the rhinestone ribbon wrapping the board

I had such a great time setting the cake up for the reception.  Not only was one of my favorite photographers, Bethany of Bethany Ann Photography, there to capture the moments, but the family members were just lovely.  This seems a fitting moment to mention that ALL photographs used in this blog are the property of Bethany Ann Photography who gave me permission to post as many as I want…she did not give that same permission to you.  I had so much help carrying and being at my beck and call I didn’t know how to handle it!  Jeremy’s dad was a delight, checking in with me every so often just to see if I was doing okay.  Ms. Judy didn’t want to watch and wanted everyone out.  I think it made her nervous to watch me put that big cake together and she wanted me to stop talking with grandpa concentrate. :) 

Putting final touches on Mamie and Jeremy's cake

Grandpa was a delight as well.  He told me stories of making a ginormous fake cake back in his Army days and said he could help me put the wedding cake together.  I took a raincheck but told him he was more than welcome to talk to me while I did.  Both of my grandfathers have been gone for years and I miss the fact that I’m not around anyone to tell me old stories.  I could have talked with him all day.  When I was finished he gave me a wink and told me that I’d outdone myself.  I could have kissed his cheek right there.  I may be a professional, but it’s always so nice to have such validation.

Mamie and Jeremy's wedding cake

I know getting all of the details together for such a beautiful reception is a stressful feat but I certainly hope the entire family was able to kick back and enjoy it and has had time to relax and think about how truly magnificent it was.  You all deserve validation as well.  I’m sure there were several that helped but Ms. Judy, but her vision of perfection shone through tenfold.  I have seen hundreds of reception sites but to transform a church reception area into a work of art is an amazing feat.  You truly outdid yourself.

Mamie and Jeremy cutting the cake

Mamie and Jeremy, may your love always grow and never lose the sparkle that shined like a halo on your wedding day.



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  1. Bethany Ann commented on
    October 13th, 2011 at 11:35 AM:

    I love this!! They are all such great people. :) I’m so glad they picked you for their wedding cake!! :)

  2. Heather commented on
    October 13th, 2011 at 12:13 PM:

    Thank you Bethany-I am too!

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