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Wednesday morning started off promising freezing rain and snow.  That did not excite us very much as we had mountains to cross later!  We had thought about staying the night in NYC so we could let Laura get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty, but after seeing the weather report we took off.  […]

Early Saturday morning brought the beginning of the NCACS and another really great day!  We were at the show bright and early while people were still running around trying to get things ready.  Most of the show cakes had been brought in the day before, so we were ready to view the beautiful designs and […]

I’ve already mentioned my dearest cakin friend Laura.  She’s quite possibly one of the sweetest people with the biggest hearts in the universe.  Yes, she can be strongwilled, sassy, and an occasional swear comes out of her mouth…which is why I love her so much.  She reminds me of someone else I know very well.  […]

While a birthday typically wouldn’t deserve a blog post, this one did.  My husband is undoubtedly the greatest guy on this earth and his birthday needed to be special.  My husband’s greatest loves are his family, bacon, and chocolate…maybe not in that order.  For this milestone birthday, he needed something terrific to celebrate.  My friend […]

In the course of the summer, there are weekends a decorator must just put a large red X through to give themselves time to visit, enjoy their family, regroup, or bake cakes for personal reasons.  Sometimes these are my favorite times to bake.  There are no contracts, no expectations except for the simple expectation that […]

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