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Sometimes I am so wrapped up in weddings I forget to photograph and post all of the awesome cakes I make on a weekly basis.  I need to take the time to post some fun ones from the past couple of months. A family friend celebrated his accomplishment of Eagle Scout in August and I […]

I hear those words frequently at Covered with Icing.  I take a limited number of cakes each week because I’m only one person.  I don’t have an assistant, I don’t have a baker, I don’t have a finisher, and I don’t have a maid.  Sadly, my body requires more than 3 hours of sleep on […]

  Wedding season is in full swing and what is more important than the cake??  My dear friend Debi reminds us frequently that the chicken is not called Wedding Chicken, the flowers are not wedding flowers, even your friends who stand up with you are simply your attendants, but the cake is Wedding Cake.  Cutting […]

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